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attack :review by ace / jjdfoss

personally i think a.o.t is a.o.k you know its good its just i cant watch it 😥 so its good for me when im 13 its just 2 years away its not that long 😎 its really freaky though . so lets get started shall we! im going to be doing things like things  and others . just either i do it myself or you request it. but it wont be right away ill have to do research on it depending on what it is ! 😎 okay lets move on! so first up its Eren yeager honestly i dont get it hes a titan shifter he should be dead  but he  is not i expected more though . 😆 so its not hard to kill a titan but is mothman ! #2 it is very complicated

Attack on Titan:return of the colossal titan chapter 2 . an unknown creature shown

previously on a.o.t return of colossal titan . ********************** .  ok says Mikasa . fine eren we will try  says mikasa full of hatred *growl* *grunt*  sit tight this  will take a minute says Eren *5 hrs later* *pant** pant* o second thought lets take a break i cant really beat this thing.says eren. so what should we do .  says mikasa  OH I DONT KNOW says eren  man this sucks heeey your not wearing panties says levi oh shut up and I WAS OUT .says ymir. hahaha. laughs eren. its not funny  says mikasa . yes it is  ,says levi . oh ill pin you down . says ymir stop it you two so wha…………. hi i heard you came face to face with gore magala

next time : generation exposed . creature beaten



Attack on Titan :return of colossal titan chapter 1 part 2: an unknown creature shown

previously on attack on titan , (YAWN) im hungry******* huh (rrrrrrumble) what the ****** its the colossal titan ******* uh oh this is BAD ! go go go go, so what do we do its impossible to kill it so how we have no strategy we cant do this said levi. yes we can just try again we beat him last time lets do it again says ,mikasa . no we cant yes we f***ing can said eren. ok well lets do this (slice) (slice) (slice) hold on i know its weak spots ,says mikasa .so what says says eren so lets kill it YEAH (^o^) look it is its neck so lets go kill it (*v*) Bc  (0v0)  you know how stupid you are eren ,says ymir , no says eren exactly says ymir .  wow (roooooooar) what is that  i  dont know but im tired

its eren make sure  to see me kill this beast its a dragon its its ……… oh i give up  its  un known so ill see you guys next time

NEXT TIME : unknown creature finally revealed

kazakh pinsioner back from the dead

it is shown in today’s news but  we will talk about it here it is supernatural ghost like. as you know aigali was buried ,well lets just say its alive so after a family buried him 2 months later  he walked through the door he was burnt his daughter Almost died of heart attack after he walked  through the door

information on aigali

name :aigali

body : dead with mortal remains

age: 63


brown hair with gray fuzz on chin

warning acsess code here

 4456778091010-555 = this is a fake code
333452231098-= go back to living your lives plz
5555674443567677h8778788899977778890—0987223456789098765432123456789098765432112356789098765432=i like big butts and i cannot lie you other brothers cant denie when a girl walks in with a little bitty waist and a round thand in your face you say. you got some chang for your slang baby




























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